Sprinkler Systems

At Tilley Fire Equipment Company, we handle all aspects of water sprinkler system based fire protection systems. Whether your building is a new office, warehouse, school or manufacturing facility, we can provide you with a complete package from design and permitting, through to installation and acceptance testing. We design and install all systems in accordance with the latest NFPA standards or FM Global Data standards:

  • Dry Sprinkler Systems
  • Wet Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre-action Sprinkler Systems
  • Deluge Sprinkler Systems
  • Standpipe Sprinkler Systems
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Fire Pumps
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Fire Hoses
  • Underground Fire Mains

We also specialize in working with renovations to existing buildings to make the new system fit the "old building" as easily, and inconspicuously as possible. In addition to our own in-house design team, we have our own fabrication department, which enables us to deliver the highest quality systems in the fastest timeframes possible.

All inspection, testing, and maintenance are done by qualified, certified personnel as required. This includes testing of backflow devices in accordance with NEWWA and ASSE regulations.

Call us at (215) 345-8066 to schedule an appointment. Our experienced technicians can provide 24 hour service, 7 days a week.

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